Clear success from concept to shelf

We’re with you where you need us most! Check out the details of our process and the services we offer to help your products grow.


Product Development Support

Some awesome ideas might need a bit of work. We refine existing and new product concepts through design and engineering so they’re ready to manufacture.


Proof of Concept

How does a concept translate to reality? We build and test it to find out. We make models, 3D prints, hand made samples, temporary tools, and built proofs to see products in action before they're sent out to be manufactured.


Cost to Manufacture

A lot goes into the cost of a product. We see the whole picture, including compliance, production, shipping, and distribution. We’re always on top of the financials—we find the right sources and estimate the complete cost of the product.


Competitive Analysis

It’s important to know the market a product is entering before it’s produced. We provide competitive analysis and merchandising strategies, fitting products to the venues that appeal to buyers.



The Product Greenhouse controls component inspections and shipments to co-packers. We also manage and guarantee the quality of inbound materials, while monitoring complex schedules, so you can keep your life a little more simple.



We perform our own in-line and pre-shipment inspections. We also coordinate quality inspections with appointed third parties and ensure nothing ships prior to passing inspection. If anything goes wrong, we’re accountable!



When it’s time to get it made, we know exactly what to do. We completely manage supplier certifications and contracts, manufacturing, production, in line quality control, and payments to suppliers. Boom.


Packaging and Displays

Packaging and displays are an integral part of the product experience. We engineer and design stunning packaging and displays. We also develop master packing, provide samples and proofs, and manage production and quality control on all packaging elements.


Compliance and Quality

We stand for high quality products that meet compliance requirements. To do this, we develop the AQL and inspection criteria. We also work with third party labs for safety and compliance requirements and management of testing, to ensure excellence.



We are wizards of logistics—from coordinating the delivery of multiple components with assemblers and co-packers, to making bookings and preparing documents, our spells never fail! We know how to manage consolidations and direct customer shipments globally.

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